The Thai Wine Association (TWA) was formed in 2004 to promote quality wines made from locally grown grapes. The key objectives have since remained the same:

• Establish winemaking quality standards and labeling requirements for Thai-produced grape wines, in line with international standards through adherence to the Thai Wine Charter;

• Create awareness and enhance the image of Thai wines, both in the domestic and international markets;

• Educate Thai people about Thai grape wines and the health benefits associated with moderate wine drinking;

• Promote wine tourism to the region;

• Increase government awareness and support of Thai grape wine industry


The Thai Wine Association includes 6 members who all produce quality grape wines in three main regions. Our wines are gaining popularity locally as well as on the international arena and have been dubbed ‘New Latitude Wines’ for the simple reason that wine was difficult to produce outside of the 30-50° latitude north and south. Over the years, Thai wines have won more than 100 awards, including Gold Medals at international wine competitions.

Today we crush around 1,000 tons of grapes, producing around 800,000 bottles of wine per annum. The range includes dry and sweet still wines, as well as sparkling wines made in the traditional method.

Membership is open to all wineries in Thailand that produce grape wines and conform to quality standards laid out in the TWA Charter.

Wineries are subjected to an independent assessment endorsed by the Department of Science Services, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives.

Thai Wine Charter                      

TWA membership based on compliance and independent approval of the following:

Step 1: Comply with Winemaking Quality Standards as per Charter:

Quality Standard 



Wine must be made only from Thai-grown grapes.

If wine made from less than 90% Thai grapes, following must be stated on the front / back label of the bottle “made from local and imported grapes”.

Grape variety

Single variety must contain minimum of 75% of the specified grape

Blend must contain minimum of 80% of the specified grapes

SO2 levels

< 5g/L sugar white wines = 210ppm
red wines = 160ppm

> 5g/L sugar white wines = 260ppm
red wines = 210ppm

Volatile Acidity

0.8g/L acetic acid for white wines
1.2g/L acetic acid for red wines

Alcohol Content

± 1% (as per Excise requirements)

Quality Assurance

Head winemaker to sign quality charter


Step 2: Lab Test
An independent authority to verify technical compliance by testing all wines in the laboratory.

Step 3: Site Inspection
Winery to be inspected by an independent authority to ensure quality and safety standards meet standards set out in the Charter.

TWA membership
Wineries that comply with the Charter and pass independent testing of one product will be issued a “Thai Wine Association of Authentication”. Every single product has to undergo above requirements and pass in order to be able to use TWA sticker.